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Machu Picchu Travel Menu


AdventureIn regards to the adventure segment in Peru, there are different activities available to this branch of the tourism industry that vary from a basic level to an expert level of degree of difficulty. Altogether, there are 4 different categories available for each kind of adventure activities.

In the discipline of climbing tours that are usually available in the Peruvian high lands where the highest mountains of the territory are located at ,  invites visitors with the presence of an expert guide to explore this hidden and mysterious region. It is provided by amazing landscape views, and places that are not so common to the average tourist. For the most part, these activities are designed for people who enjoy the adventure and like to feel the adrenaline of this amazing experience in the Andes mountains.

The Hiking and Trekking tours attract visitors to explore the marvelous Inca´s trail, which is the most important attraction in the city of Cuzco, particularly for those tourists that want to arrive at the sacred city of Machu Picchu as their final destination. A long the road visitors can be delighted by the impressive landscapes and ruins found during the journey.

Biking toursThe segment of Biking tours is becoming more popular along with the attempts to support the environment by consuming less fossils in a circuit that usually is covered by buses. This activity has created groups of people that share the same values and interests, as well as allowing them to discover different views of the city by biking, and doing some exercise.
Horseback Riding tours in Peru are available only in a few places such as the Colca Canyon, some areas along the Inca´s trail where these animals are allowed as part of the explorations, and in the jungle along the sites of Manu and Tambopata.
In Lima are available shows with horses, and in Cuzco, visitors can make the city tour by riding the horses. For this kind of service it is suggested to make a booking ahead of the time in order to have the horses ready and with a guide included.