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Machu Picchu tours - Cajamarca day trips and short tours - Peru

Cajamarca Tours

City Tour  of Cajamarca
3-hour tour beginning with a visit to the Cathedral on the Main Square, the church of San Francisco and the Ransom Chamber which Atahualpa filled with gold and silver and offered to Pizarro in order to secure his freedom. Then continue to Santa Apolonia hill for a magnificent view of the city and finally the Inca Baths. (3h)

Otuzco & Tres Molinos
Tombs of the first inhabitants of the Cajamarca valley, which reveal the way of life and customs of a people in their original state, named the little windows of Otuzco because of their particular shape. Otuzco is situated 5 miles NW of the city of Cajamarca.

Collpa & Inka Baths
Visit to the ex- farm ' La Collpa', district of Llanacora. We're going to apréciate waterfalls, Callacpuna cave, the Inca's Baths, Inca's well, 'perolitos'. After lunch we will visit the ventanillas de Otuzco. On Llanguil Hill, only 8 km northeast from the City of Cajamarca, there are living rock excavations, appearing at a distance to be multiple array of windows. The so-called Ventanillas (Niches) of Otuzco (2,850m.a.s.l.) are actually part of an old cemetery of the Cajamarca Culture, which niches are neatly arranged in rows. Apparently, this was an important place for honoring ancestors, which remains may have been removed from their original tombs to be deposited in this necropolis.(3h)

Cumbemayo Ruins
Located 19 km southwest of Cajamarca up a dirt switch back to 3,390 meters is Cumbemayo (8 a.m.–5 p.m. daily, $2), a shrine of carved water canals that still confounds archaeologists. The canals are at least 2,000 years old, but the exact date—and the reason they were built—is unknown. The lines are so perfect, and the rock ground so smooth, that it is difficult to imagine these works of art being carved with obsidian hammers, the state-of-the-art technology at the time. Because Cajamarca has an abundant water supply, the canals were not necessary, so they may have had a ceremonial or religious function. If you arrive at this spot early in the morning, the religious explanation of Cumbemayo becomes more plausible. The power and energy of the area, which is covered in ichú grass and punctuated by bizarre volcanic formations, is palpable. (3h)

Combayo Ruins
a three-hour drive from Cajamarca to the colonial town of Combayo, set out on the best-preserved section of Inca highway near Cajamarca. First stop is Ventanillas de Combayo, a larger and more remote example of the cliff tombs at Ventanillas de Otuzco. The 10-km day hike includes dramatic rock formations, rickety log bridges, and several homestays. But the highlight is Cañon Sangal, formed by two thin rock ridges punctured by the Río Chonta. (3h)