4 days Inca Trail - General Information

Inca Trail important notes about our service

  • We have our own office in Cusco with the legal licenses, autorizations and permits to operate the Inca Trail.
  • We have our own permanent chef and biogradable toilet (we don´t use public bathrooms during the trek)
  • Our guides are archeologists
  • Our food is breakfast, lunch, dinner, snacks and water (not just a box lunch)
  • Our porters are well paid, they have their own place to sleep, they carry maximum 20 kg each with the appropiate gear and we provide them life insurance and good food
  • Departure and arrival times are approximate
  • Campsites are subject to change according to the designation of the governmental institution regulating the Inca Trail, as well as our tour guide criteria and the group process
  • If the reservation was made with an old passport, you have to bring the new AND the old one for the Inca Trail
  • The maximum allowed group size is 16 people with 22 porters. Our average group size is about 10 people but there are times that we leave with even 2, 3 or 4 people
  • Tips for chef and porters are not included and it is up to you wheter to tip or not to tip (the recommended amount is 60 soles given by each tourist for the whole porter´s group - chef and guide are tipped independently)

Difficulty of the Inca Trail:
Moderate to Challenging

Inca Trail bookings:

  • Minimum 60-90 days in advanced.
  • Peru Government guarantee spaces when you provide to us:
  • Full names
  • Nationality
  • Passport numbers
  • Date of Birth
  • Gender
  • Having paid the full amount

**We exclude any responsability for a NO entry in case the passenger information has changed without prior notice to us.

Therefore the spaces booked provided will be guaranteed only if:

  • The booking has been first confirmed by our reservations department by e-mail, this meaning that spaces are available for the Inca Trail on the requested date at the moment of booking.
  • The full passenger data have been provided and the required has been paid for

Since Inca Trail has a maximum allowance of 500 people per day (including passenger and agency staff) we strongly recommend making your bookings as much in advance as possible to make sure you will find spaces on the desired departure date. We have also available alternative routes of equally awesome beauty and interest to offer you.


  • Original passport
  • Travel insurance for accidents
  • Sleeping bag (not included but you can rent it for $20)
  • Walking boots
  • Waterproof jacket / poncho
  • Warm jacket, hat and gloves
  • T-shirts
  • Comfortable trousers
  • Re-usable plastic or metal water container
  • Water (only for the first 4 hours of the trek, then we will provide you with drinking - previously boiled water)
  • Sun protection cream (factor 35 recommended)
  • Insect repellent
  • Toiletries
  • Personal Medication
  • Camera
  • Torch

Optional items to take:

  • Shorts
  • Walking sticks (with rubber tip)
  • Plaster and bandages
  • Sandals
  • Extra money
  • Bathing suit (for the hot springs in Aguas Calientes)

We recommend an inlay for the use of your sleeping bags. You can´t buy inlays in Peru. The sleeping bags are washed after every use, but using the inlay we can guaranty a higher hygiene and we can keep the sleeping bags in good condition. Thank you for your comprehension.