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Nazca Lines 2 day tour with overnight in Ica

The Nazca Desert is a high plateau about sixty miles long and five miles wide on the coast of Peru, some 250 miles south of Lima.

Occasional travelers through Nazca had doubtless noticed the strange and obviously artificial lines in the desert floor, but the lines were unimpressive and meaningless at ground level. As planes began to pass over the Nazca region, air travelers saw that some of the lines formed parts of gigantic figures whose shape could only be appreciated from the air. Aerial photographs of the region proved to be highly dramatic.

Therein lies the mystery. Why would anyone bother to make figures that could only be appreciated from the air in an era when there were no airplanes? It is well established that these drawings are at least fifteen hundred years old.

Day 1 - Lima - Ica
Today you'll travel by regular service motorcoach along the Peruvian coast to Ica (a four hour ride). Upon arrival in Ica a local host will transfer you to the airport for a flight over the Nazca Lines. Are they merely huge figures or could they be extraterrestrial landing fields? Late Lunch at the hotel Las Dunas. After lunch visit the Archaeological Museum of Ica. Dinner.

Day 2 - Ica - Paracas - Lima
Ballestas Islands Excursion - Early morning transfer to Paracas Hotel were you'll take a yacht ride to the Ballestas Islands passing the Candelabro. These islands, also known as the Guano Islands, have large concentrations of sea birds and sea lions in their natural environment. Lunch at your hotel. Evening arrival in Lima.